20 Steps to Starting A Successful Business | Entrepreneur Starter Guide 101 (Download)

20 Steps to Starting A Successful Business | Entrepreneur Starter Guide 101 (Download)

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In this business startup guide, there are 20 important steps you need to start a business. Starting a business can be very scary especially if you have no idea where to start. These are in dept tips and advice needed to launching a successful business.

All steps in this guide have been personally planned out and used in forming Pristiny Couture. We want to share our tips and advice that we used to help upcoming Business Owners/Entrepreneurs. 

Topics Covered:

  • Deciding on a Unique Business Name
  • Who Are Your Ideal Target Customers?
  • Branding Your Business With a Unique Logo
  • Create a Motto That Represents YOUR Brand
  • Apply For A Business Licence With Your State & City
  • Apply For An EIN (Employer Identification Number)
  • Choosing A Website Platform/How To Build A Website Without Coding
  • Make A Business Email/Phone Number
  • How To Set Up Your Online Website
  • Purchasing A Website Domain (www.YourStoreName.com)
  • Invest In A Business Bank Account
  • Tools and Supplies To Run A Business
  • Business Cards and Custom Packaging
  • Business Location: Online Website, Brick and Mortar, or Both?
  • Finding Product Vendors
  • Testing Products 
  • Setting Prices for Your Products
  • Launching Your Brand
  • Building Your Brand/Advertising
  • Do Not Give Up!