About Us

☁️About Pristiny Couture🌙

Pristiny Couture is a Black Owned Anime Cosmetics, Jewelry, and Accessories brand. Our Aesthetic is Royal and Princess core, with large influences of Japanese Pop Culture. Our Brand Inspiration comes from everything our owner Pristiny adores. Which in this case is, anime, fashion, beauty, and all things pink and girly! At the age of 7, Pristiny fell in love with the Anime Sailor Moon. Pristiny has always been expressive with fashion and gets the question a lot "why are you so dressed up" Her Response: "Life is too short to look good only on occasions" 

Here at Pristiny Couture, We believe that everyone is royalty and has that inner empress just waiting to be unleashed. Our unique items are made to encourage women to be confident, embrace their femininity, and feel like a royal empress through our unique  Anime Style. The main face of Pristiny Couture is an anime character who's a royal empresses of Egypt. Our other anime characters all have royal statuses, just like in an anime! When you purchase from Pristiny Couture, you can expect to look and feel like an empress. 

*WARNING* Pristiny Couture products may cause an increased amount of stares in addition to head turning. Not to mention, side effects of adorning the physical mind and body in royalty. Pristiny Couture strives to provide high quality products, and customer satisfaction is our main goal. In between watching your favorite anime shows, feel free to contact us anytime with questions or concerns. Come grow with us and "Unleash your inner Empress" 👑