Brand Promoter

Do you want to be a brand promoter for Pristiny Couture? Our affiliate program offers great benefits and prizes. 


Lets start off with what a brand affiliate is?

A brand affiliate is a person who promotes products on their social media and receives commission when their promotion causes successful sale. 


How does a brand affiliate program work? 

When someone clicks on your referral link or uses your discount code, you will receive commissions for that sale. We have an affiliate program installed on our site, so it automatically tracks your performance. 


How do I get paid?

Once your affiliate profile is set up, commission pay is received through your choice of PayPal or debit card. 


How much is commission pay? 

Commission will be 7% of the Total sale. EXAMPLE: If you refer a product that cost $75 to a customer and they purchase it, you will receive 7% commission of the $75, which will be $5.25. 

EXAMPLE 2: If you refer a customer and they purchases 3 items that cost $205.00, your commission of this sale would be $14.35

The higher the purchase and more referral customers you get, the more your commission will be!

EXAMPLE 3: If your total commission is $630.00 for a day/ week/ month your 7% commission will be $44.10 


1.) Please click here to sign up to be an affiliate  


2.) Create your profile and kindly fill out the information. 


3.) -Choose from our products on our website to promote on your social media.

-Please provide pictures of the product in the post.

-Include your referral link for the product and mention the name of the product in the post.

-Let your followers know that if they use your coupon code, they’ll receive 15% off their entire order. 


4.) Contact us if you would like to receive a FREE product and promote it on your social media, the item must be under $75 to receive it for free.

If the item is above $75 you will receive a 50% off discount code to purchase the item and promote it. Once received, you may proceed to promote the item on your social media.


5.) Your followers will see your post, interact with it and potentially purchase from our site. When one of your followers click on your referral link, they have 30 days to make a purchase in order for you to receive commission.


6.) When a purchase is made from your referral, you’ll receive 7% commission of the total sale. (This excludes shipping)


7.) For being an affiliate with Pristiny Couture we want to say thank you 💕 You will receive a lifetime 20% off coupon code to purchase products from our site as you please. Your coupon code never expires and there is no limit to how much you may spend.

We kindly ask that you do not share your coupon code with anyone else. Your coupon code is specifically assigned to you and will not work on another persons order. If someone attempts to use your affiliate coupon code, the entire order will be rejected and refunded to the customer. 


8.) Enjoy a great partnering career with Pristiny Couture. Have fun being creative and interacting with your followers. 


Disclaimer: Upon signing up to be an affiliate with Pristiny Couture, it is your responsibility as the affiliate to promote products to your followers. Although there may be times we contact you to promote a product, Pristiny Couture is not responsible for repetitive reminder to you about promoting products to your followers. 

When a new product comes out or an item has been restocked, take this opportunity to let your followers know. You may even chose your favorite product that’s been in stock for awhile. Boost the product traffic by promoting it to your followers.

Please note commission pay is completely up to the affiliate by how often they promote products.

Sign up to be an affiliate here