Merchandise Care


Pristiny Couture strives to provide high quality products. We offer an exclusive collection of the finest quality hand crafted Jewelry in various colors, styles, and sizes. Customer satisfaction is our main goal. Therefore, each individual piece of jewelry is made uniquely with the finest material for our empresses. We want to make sure wearing our jewelry products you look and feel like an empress. Gold is the color associated with wealth, royalty, and glamour, which are all things that scream empress. Our gold Jewelry is made with high micron plating so the base Metal of our product is Alloy, i.e Mixing of Copper, Brass & Zinc. To care for your jewelry you should…

  • Avoid direct light and heat: Just as the sun’s harmful rays can damage our skin, light and heat can affect a colored gemstone’s durability and color. Additionally , it can darken over time when exposed to too much light. Store Jewels in a jewelry box to expand lifetime of jewelry.
  • Everyday substances like hairspray, lotion, soaps, oils, perfumes, or other cosmetics can contain chemicals that can damage the surface of your jewelry. It is best to clean jewelry occasionally with a mild wipe to remove substances from surface.


 Pristiny Couture  provides high quality bindis that come in a secure packaging to insure each jewel is ready to be worn. Most bindis come with tiny stones, so it is recommended to be very gentle when removing from package. Gently peel off bindi from package and place directly on skin. Bindis can be adjusted to the proper position of your liking.

  • Bindis come with a pre-adhesive already applied on the back
  • Before applying the bindi, wash and dry face properly. Make sure skin is clear of dirt, sweat, oil, etc. This can reduce stickiness of the bindi and could lead to falling off.
  • Clean the back of your bindi after each use with a cotton swab or cotton ball and apply rubbing alcohol. There is also the option of using makeup wipe remover sheets. Cleaning bindis after each use will expand the life of the bindi.
  • As you wear the bindi overtime, the pre-adhesive will wear off. Simply apply white eyelash glue to the back and wait 20-30 seconds before applying. The eyelash glue acts as an adhesive and securely stays on all day just as if you were wearing false eyelashes.
  • Apply bindi back in its original package for easy storage.

 Hair Care Tips 

We highly recommend when washing your hair to use a non sulfate shampoo or co-wash. Co-wash is a method used to wash hair with only conditioner. Co-washing is highly recommend for curly/kinky textures. While conditioner is on the hair, use a wide tooth comb to comb from tips to roots. Rinse with lukewarm water. Allow hair to air dry before styling.

  • It is not recommended to cut your wefts when installing your hair. Cutting your wefts break apart the stitching that holds the hair to the weft. This causes unnecessary shedding and decreases the life span of the hair. It is best to fold your bundles when installing.
  • If you are not familiar with hair dying, please seek professional experts for hair dying of our extensions.
  • Never go to bed with wet or damp hair, this can cause unwanted matting or tangles.
  • Avoid heavy products such as sulfates, alcohol, and heavy oils.
  • Upon using direct heat on the hair, some moisture will be lost. To minimize this, it is best to deep condition the hair before heat styling.
  • When using heat tools on the hair, always use a heat protectant first. Using a heat protectant will protect the hair from damage to avoid stiff and dryness. Paul Mitchell “Flexible style hot off the press” is a good recommend thermal heat protectant. 
  • Every other day use a light hair spry or protein spray to keep the hair strong.
  • Secure the hair at night into a silk bonnet, scarf, or pillow case. This keeps the hair from drying out and maintains moisture.
*Do not apply heavy greasy products after using heat tools. This will weigh the hair down and cause it to look oily and stiff. 


 Curly/Kinky Textures

  • Mix water and leave in conditioner into a spray bottle 
  • Spray the hair and comb through with a wide tooth comb from ends working your way up to the scalp. 
  • Apply a curl defining or curl control cream while the hair is damp. This stops frizz and locks in the natural wave/curl of the hair.
  • Scrunch the hair up in your hands to shape the curls 
  • Let the hair air dry. DO NOT comb hair while it is drying, this can cause unnecessary frizz
  • Avoid combing hair after it is dry otherwise it will mat and tangle
  • With kinky curly textures, they are more fragile and prone to damage/breakage. Kinky curly textures need extra care and moisture. Please be very gentle when applying heat to kinky curly hair. As a reminder kinkier hair will have a shorter lifespan than looser textures. With proper nourishment and deep conditioning, You can maintain a long lifespan of the hair.
  • At night, divide hair into medium sections and loosely braid or twist the hair. Be sure to preserve the hair style with a silk bonnet, scarf, or pillowcase.

* Please note: Because virgin curly/kinky textures are very high maintenance, It is recommended to wash once a week to maintain luscious soft moisturized curls. Deep conditioning or using a hair mask is also highly recommended. Compared to straighter textures, curly/kinky textures can become dry if not properly washed and moisturized. It is REAL virgin human hair treat it as if it’s your own. 

* Also note: Curly/Kinky hair also reacts to the weather. Rain, humidity, heat, etc. Because of this, the hair can sometimes become a puffy, frizzy Afro texture. This is NOT a bad thing. This gives the hair a more natural look as if it was your own hair. If you are not a fan of puffy Afro textured hair, this may not be the texture for you. This style can be rocked by anyone, but it is mostly loved by our naturals (no relaxer.) It blends in with their own curly/kinky hair and looks as if it’s growing out your scalp.