FAQs Hair

Can I return any Bundles or Wigs?

Unfortunately ALL hair sales are final upon are returns policy 


Is all of your hair human virgin hair?

Our hair we provide, is the finest quality, pure 100% Virgin Human Hair. No Synthetic or animal hair, Chemicals and  we never process it in any way. 


Would I be able to dye or bleach my virgin hair bundles/wigs?

Yes our hair can be dyed or bleached. We would like to inform you though once you dye or bleach virgin hair, it is no longer considered virgin hair anymore. Please note damage may occur to the hair if proper dyeing is not applied. It is best to seek professional experts with coloring. 

Upon bleaching, 


Can the hair be flat ironed or curled?

Absolutely! Any hot tools can be used on our hair. 


How do I maintain my virgin hair? 

Please refer to our hair care tips page here 


Does Pristiny Couture hair tangle or shed?

We want to make sure we provide the best quality hair to our customers so we provide real 100% human hair. Our hair does NOT shed.

We suggest referring to our hair care tips page here. With bundles it is not recommended to cut wefts when installing. Cutting your wefts break apart the bonded stitch that is keeping the hair in place. It is best to fold wefts to avoid unnecessary shedding. 

Please note our hair only tangles with lack of moisture and care. 


How long can I expect the hair to last?

With proper washing, conditioning, and care, our hair can last up to 1.5 - 2 years. Please not if the hair is dyed or bleached, this shortens the hair life span down.

Dying the hair will cause the hair to no longer be virgin hair. It has become processed hair and expected dryness may occur. We recommend deep conditioning hair that has been dyed. 

Please not that bleaching your closure or frontal is a CHEMICAL PROCESS!!! Bleaching will eventually cause shedding and thinning to the closure or frontal, which decreases the lifespan.


How many bundles do I need for a sew in? 

First off, you want to put a few things into consideration when purchasing hair. On average it usually takes 2-3 bundles for a full sew in. If you desire a fuller look, then 3-4 bundles would do.

Second would be the type of hair that you are purchasing. With straight hair, it is usually less dense than curly and kinky textures. If you desire a more fuller look with straight hair, it is suggested to purchase more bundles.

The third thing to consider would be the length of the hair. With shorter lengths the weft/track is longer, so you don’t need that many bundles to cover your head. The longer the length of the extensions, the shorter the wefts/tracks would be. Example: A 12 inch bundle would have a longer weft/track compared to a 24 inch bundle. The weft/track or a 24 inch bundle is longer than a 30 inch bundle. You would need more to cover the head with the 30 inch bundle.

Fourth important consideration is knowing that if you don’t buy a closure or frontal, you will need more to cover your head. The closures we provide are 4x4 so this will cover the top portion of your head in these dimensions. Additionally, Lace Frontals are 13x4, and 360 frontals cover the whole perimeter of your head. Fronts cover a large portion of the head so it’s not necessary to purchase a lot of bundles. 

Over all 2-3 bundles would be more than enough for a sew in if you’re going for a natural look. If you’re all about big voluminous hair, then purchasing 3-4 bundles will do. It is completely up to you.

keep in mind texture, length of the bundle, and your desired fullness all determines how many bundles you need. Please use our bundle guide chart above for suggested bundle purchases. If you have any more questions or concerns email us info@pristinycouture.com We are glad to assist you anytime.